Brain injury leadership academy

Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

Here’s what our participants are saying…


Carly Emerson Fifer works for Lee Health in Florida at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital as clinical lead for brain injury and a speech language pathologist. She is passionate about advocacy, education, and community development for brain injury.

Carly weighs in on her experience with the Brain Injury Leadership Academy:  "I learned through my participation at the Brain Injury Leadership Academy that it is not the title that makes a leader, but rather the qualities and applied methods that drive change. I have found that the most useful aspect [for me] was the ability to exchange experiences and ideas with others within the field. During the workshop, we had large group discussions about various topics related to leadership methods, but also divided into smaller group conversation to give more specific examples within our individual brain injury programs. It was during this that we could relate and compare similar challenges that we are experiencing at our various locations but also to learn from each individual on a personal level. The impact [of the Brain Injury Leadership Academy] that I have most easily recognized is the increase in self-awareness towards my mannerisms and responses by determining the root of my message and method of delivery. Am I open for other opinions? Am I stating this because I am curious and committed to learning more, or am I acting closed minded? Defensive? Committed to being right? I have grown in consciousness towards this mindful shift of my actions and words."

Jessica Miller is an Occupational Therapist at Hook Rehabilitation in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Jessica states, “[The Brain Injury Leadership Academy] blended two of my passions - personal and professional - being a leader in brain injury rehab and improving conscious relationships. Elements from the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership have begun to radically change my relationships, personally and professionally. One example is learning the concept of Fact - Story - Meaning, which highlights the unhelpful process of creating a story in one's own head and then believing it as fact. This method provides a way to look at those stories, talk about them, get curious about other perspectives and see different truths.”

Jessica also states, “Overall, through this course, I am learning a plethora of ways to gain personal insight and awareness, which we all know is imperative to healthier relationships and effective brain injury rehab. Learning and practicing elements from The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership - being above or below the line - has been the most useful for eliciting change within my mind and my relationships.”